When will I receive my tickets?

For an event which you are entitled to attend according to your membership type (a Core Event as outlined in your Licence Agreement), your tickets will be loaded onto your Access Card which you can then use to gain entry into the Stadium.

If you have purchased tickets or hospitality packages for an Option Event (an event which is not part of your membership) or an Excluded Event (a bid event at Wembley Stadium), you will be sent paper tickets by special delivery or First Class post, depending on the delivery options available/selected at the time of booking. Event day collection may also be offered.

When tickets are sent by sent by special delivery using DHL, you will receive an email with a tracker reference which will enable you to track your delivery online. A signature will be required upon delivery.

Tickets can only be sent to the address that we have on the system. If this needs to change, please notify us in writing.

What is the difference between the different event types?

Different membership types are entitled to attend certain events, according to the terms of their Licence Agreement. 

If an event is included in your membership, then that is one of your Core Events. Your ticket for that event will be loaded onto your Access Card for you to use to gain entry to the Stadium. 

Certain events such as concerts may not be included in your membership. These are known as Option Events. This means that you will be given the option to purchase tickets or hospitality packages on an event-by-event basis. 

With Option Events, you will not receive tickets for your normal Core Event seat, as the seating configurations will change for concerts due to the requirements of our event owners (e.g. some seats will be located behind the stage). 

Can I purchase additional tickets for my Core Events?

Additional tickets for your Core Events may be available to purchase, subject to other members offering their Core Event tickets for re-sale via the online facility on the members' website.

When can I book tickets or packages for Option Events?

All Club Wembley members will have an option to purchase tickets or hospitality packages for Option Events once they go on sale.
We will advise you by email when the tickets go on sale. There is normally a specific Club Wembley booking window, after which point you will have the opportunity to buy additional tickets or packages, subject to availability.

How do I re-sell a ticket for one of my Core Events that I cannot attend?

You can offer your ticket for re-sale to other members via the online re-sale facility on the members' website.  You cannot re-sell purchased tickets for any of your Option Events.

Please note that if you sell or attempt to sell your tickets yourself through any other means, you risk cancellation of your Licence Agreement and will forfeit all payments made to date.

Can I give my tickets to charity?

You can now donate your ticket(s) to one of our designated charities via the members' website. All tickets donated will be given to the charities in question to distribute to worthy recipients.

The opportunity to donate your ticket(s) to charity will be given alongside the Ticket Transfer option when you enter the Tickets section of the website, or choose the Tickets tab on the specific event page. Please note that once a ticket has been donated, it cannot then be recalled back.

You can also give your ticket(s) or Private Box to a charity of your own choice but we do not allow any publicity surrounding donations of tickets. In addition, tickets given to charities cannot be used in auctions or as prizes.

How do I go about making a complaint?

Should you feel you have no option but to make a complaint, firstly please accept our apologies, and secondly please read this document  to take your matter further.

What is the Complimentary Train Service and how do we book?

The train service is bookable through our  website, usually 4 weeks in advance of an event. Tickets for the train will be sent out by post approximately one week before the event.
The Complimentary Train Service is available for specific events known as Core Events. These include: England Senior Men's International home games, The FA Cup Final, The FA Community Shield and the Football League Cup Final.

Train times will be published prior to the event. Please visit the event day section on the members' website.

How do members reserve dining?

Subject to availability, Inner Circle members can book restaurants 2–3 weeks in advance of an event. We advise you to make your booking as early as possible to ensure you obtain your preferred reservation. One Twenty and Bobby Moore members will automatically have a table reserved for them in their respective hospitality areas. Menus will be available on the website for all restaurants in Club Wembley.

What is the best restaurant I can book into if I’m sitting in the West or East side of the stadium?

The Atrium is located centrally in the North of the Stadium. The Arc Restaurant is in the North East and the Venue is in the North West. Maps are available under ‘Event Info’ on our website.

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