Dress Code

A quick guide to the dress code for Club Wembley.

There is no strict dress code within Club Wembley, the One Twenty Club and the Bobby Moore Club, with the exception of replica club colours, please read on.

To help make your event day a safe and enjoyable occasion for all we would like to remind you and your guests that replica club colours are not permitted for club matches. The only exception to this is for some Sky Bet Play-Off Finals, where segregation is in place and you have a team specific ticket. If you have any specific queries, please call us on 0800 783 1442.

The Club Wembley, One Twenty Club and Bobby Moore Club areas are unsegregated. We receive special dispensation from the authorities for this because our Club Wembley members have agreed to adopt behaviour appropriate for an unsegregated area through the Club Wembley Licence Agreement.

Club colours are now not permitted within any Club Wembley, One Twenty Club and Bobby Moore Club areas, including the following items:
• Replica clubs shirts
• Scarves in club colours and/or branding
• Hats in club colours and/or branding
• Flags in club colours and/or branding
• Foam hands in club colours and/or branding
• Any clothing item with club brand on it
• Bags with club brand on them
• Face paint indicating an association to one team
• Badges and lanyards with club brand on them

Replica colours MAY NOT be worn at the following:
The FA Cup Semi Finals & Final
The League Cup Final
The FA Community Shield
The Rugby League Challenge Cup Final

Replica colours may be worn in some sections at the following (please call us on 0800 783 1442 for specific information):
The Sky Bet Play-Off Finals - Club Colours cannot be worn in Level One Diamond Hospitality. If your ticket is located in Level Two (i.e. block 211 etc)  then club colours are fine.

Replica colours MAY be worn at the following:
England Internationals
NFL International Series games

Following consultation with event organisers, the Licensing Authority and the Police, this prohibition will be strictly enforced and, should replica club colours be worn, you/your guests may be refused entry or be removed from the Stadium for safety in line with condition 10(e) of your Club Wembley Licence Agreement.

WE ASK YOU TO PLEASE ENSURE THAT ANY GUESTS YOU ARE BRINGING TO THIS EVENT, OR TO WHOM YOU HAVE TRANSFERRED YOUR TICKET(S), ARE AWARE OF THIS POLICY. Please note, if you have opted to transfer your tickets to charity, they have already been informed.

We wish to reiterate that this measure is implemented to ensure the safety and enjoyment of Club Wembley members. For the avoidance of doubt, the restriction on the wearing of replica colours does not apply to England matches.