Registration FAQs

Registration FAQs

The FAQs below should help you do everything in regards to registering (and de-registering) for any Connections event - please let us know if there is anything not covered here that you think other members may find useful.

How do I register?

When an event has the status 'registration open', simply click into the event and click the 'register' button

Why can't I register for an event?

If the event has 'registration open' then you should be able to register. If there is no status then check the eligibility criteria as this may be an event for a specific level of Club Wembley membership.

How do I de-register for an event?

If the registration window is open, simply click into the event and click the 'un-register' button. If the registration window has closed and the ballot is taking place, please let us know by emailing or wait until this is updated and if successful please decline the invitation.

I am not attending, someone else from my organisation is.

When you RSVP, there is an option under your name which says 'If you hold a corporate account and someone from business is attending, please tick the checkbox below and enter the attendee name:' - simply check this box and enter the lead name and then any guest names (if applicable).

Help, I missed the RSVP deadline.

The short answer is that unfortunately your place has now been offered to another member. You can check with us to see if there is any remaining spaces, however this is not now guaranteed.

I have RSVP'd but can no longer make it?

Simply click back into the event and click the 'cancel' button to inform us you can no longer make it. You have until 72 hours before an event to inform us.