Club Wembley Ticket Re-sale - Terms and Conditions

IMPORTANT - Club Wembley Ticket Re-sale - Terms and Conditions

Club Wembley Members who would like to offer their Core Event tickets for re-sale, or purchase Core Event tickets made available for re-sale by other Club Wembley Members, can do so through the Club Wembley Members’ website (subject to these Terms and Conditions).

These Terms and Conditions apply to the re-sale and purchase of Core Event tickets through the Club Wembley Member’s website. By submitting your seats for re-sale or by purchasing re-sale tickets through the Club Wembley Member’s website, you are agreeing to these Terms and Conditions.

In the event of any conflict between these Terms and Conditions and the terms of your Membership Agreement (including the Terms of Membership), the terms of your Membership Agreement shall prevail.

Selling your Tickets

  • The sale of Core Event tickets is subject to demand and another Club Wembley Member agreeing to purchase your ticket(s) for the event.
  • The resale facility provides you with the option to choose from within a price range for each category of seat, which will be set by Club Wembley for each event.
  • Club Wembley offers no guarantees that your seat will be sold before the closing date of the re-sale period.
  • If you have offered your tickets for re-sale but then decide to attend the event, you can remove them from the re-sale facility at any time, providing that they have not been sold.
  • Should you choose to retain your tickets by removing them from the re-sale facility, or they are not sold before the re-sale closing date, your access cards will be re-activated for use on the day of the event.
  • If your tickets are sold you will receive confirmation by e-mail.
  • Once a re-sale transaction is concluded Club Wembley will arrange for the net sale proceeds to be transferred into the Member’s bank account (as provided by the Member to Club Wembley). If, for any reason (including events outside of Club Wembley’s control), Club Wembley does not receive the net sale proceeds from the purchaser of the ticket(s), Club Wembley shall not be liable to transfer the net sale proceeds to the seller.
  • We endeavour to transfer funds within 30 working days post event.
  • If the event is cancelled or postponed, you shall be obliged to provide a full refund to the purchaser of the net sale proceeds received by you (if any). This shall not affect your rights and remedies under the Membership Agreement. 

Purchasing Resale Tickets

  • You have the option to purchase additional tickets put up for re-sale for a Core Event through the Club Wembley members’ website.
  • You can only purchase the same number of tickets as Club Wembley seats you already own, i.e. a 1:1 ratio (unless otherwise advised by Club Wembley).
  • The option to purchase re-sale tickets will close approximately one week before the date of each Core Event (or such other date as advised by Club Wembley).
  • Print at home tickets will be issued for events purchased through the re-sale process.
  • Payment for tickets must be made at the time of purchase by debit or credit card and your purchase of tickets will be confirmed by email.

Ticket Prices & Other Costs

  • Club Wembley will set the ticket re-sale price range for each event in advance of the commencement of the re-sale window.
  • Please note that an administration fee of 15% (including VAT) of the ticket price will be added to the price of tickets purchased via the re-sale facility. This amount will be payable by the purchaser of the ticket and payment must be made at the time of purchase.


  • Only Club Wembley Members can put tickets up for re-sale or purchase such tickets, provided that:
  • One Twenty Club Members will not be permitted to sell their tickets.
  • The re-sale facility is available for Core Events only.
  • It is not possible to exceed the restrictions on purchases (i.e. one new ticket per existing seat held by a Member), unless otherwise advised by Club Wembley.
  • Whilst you are able to sell or purchase tickets it is not possible to transfer or purchase any car parking or transport entitlements that are associated with the original Club Wembley seats.
  • Members are prohibited from selling their tickets for events at Wembley Stadium through any other method (e.g. ticket re-sale websites) other than the official Club Wembley re-sale facility provided by Club Wembley.
  • The unauthorised sale or purchase of Club Wembley tickets constitutes a breach of your Membership Agreement for which we are entitled to immediately terminate your Membership.
  • If you purchase tickets through the re-sale mechanism and then pass them on to third parties, you as a Club Wembley Member, are responsible for these parties and their behaviour at all times.
  • Club Wembley may make changes to the re-sale facility from time to time (including amending these Terms and Conditions).
  • Club Wembley reserves the right to withdraw access to the re-sale facility from any Member who: (i) is in breach of these Terms and Conditions; (ii) is in breach of the Membership Agreement; or (iii) Club Wembley reasonably suspects is using the re-sale facility to purchase tickets for unauthorised re-sale.
  • If you have any questions regarding the re-sale facility please do not hesitate to contact the Member Services Team on 0800 783 1442.