Buying Re-Sale Seats: Important Information

Buy Re-Sale Info

Subject to availability, you have the option to purchase any available additional tickets put for up for re-sale for a Core Event.

The option to purchase re-sale tickets will close approximately one week before the date of each Core Event. Payment for tickets will need to be made at the time of purchase by debit or credit card. Your purchase of tickets will be confirmed by e-mail and a separate email will then be sent containing your e-tickets. Please note that a maximum of five e-tickets will be sent per e-mail. Therefore, if you have purchased more than five tickets, you will receive more than one email. Please ensure that you print out each e-ticket attachment contained within the email(s), as these are your tickets and will be needed to gain entry on the event day.

Car parking and transport entitlements are non-transferable and cannot be purchased or sold via the Club Wembley Re-sale process.

Important Information

Please note that an administration fee of 15% (including VAT) will be added to the price of tickets for seats or Private Boxes purchased via re-sale.

You are not authorised to sell your tickets to events at Wembley Stadium except via the Club Wembley Re-sale process which is provided in accordance with the terms of your Licence Agreement. The unauthorised sale of tickets will be considered a serious breach of the terms of your Licence Agreement for which we are entitled to immediately terminate your Licence Agreement. If you have any questions regarding the re-sale facility, please do not hesitate to call the Membership Services Team on 0800 783 1442.

Please note that where the kick-off time for an event is yet to be confirmed, it will show as 00:00.